[Left foreground; high desert rocks]
[right foreground; DC gift for me and ben (a total one for me, one for you. I bought his companion, a great horned, for my friend whose birthday is a week after mine)]

[Background; fuji instant (I'm sold, btw, fuji instax 210 on my wishlist) taken of me and Ben the night of my birthday by Aimee]

I am pretty excited about turning 29 actually. Since I was in elementary school, 29 has been my lucky number, so there's that. Also? I'm just excited about life in general. I am finally done with school, I have started some sort of (albeit murky) career, and life is really about life now, you know what I mean? (mostly I mean it's not about school) Not to mention, this past year was pretty rough. A lot of hard things happened in our family and with our friends, and I know a really good year has to follow. Plus? I won't be working on a f*cking thesis. So, to help me focus on all the good things I hope to do this year, I took a page out of the ever inspiring Hula Seventy and wrote a list of 29 (oh how I love that number) things to do before I turn 30.

1.Take sister on a road trip (or fly to a really cool city)
2.Print/organize/archive photo collections
3.Go back to Yosemite, preferably with a group of friends
4.Register for ncarb
5.Start a drawing journal/sketchbook
6.Host Thanksgiving (with my mother in law's help)
7.Hike Cowles
8.Visit dad in Tokyo
9.Ice skate with sis
10.Start an exercise routine
11.Open an etsy shop
12.Engage in volunteer work
13.Watch Labyrinth with Lorenzo & Massimo
14.Find chocolate brown boots
15.Bake something
16.Take a textile course
17.Visit Scarlett in Portland
18.Use a laser cutter
19.Find a campground we like near San Diego
20.Learn and refine photoshop skills
21.Trick out my bike
22.Host a summer outdoor movie series
23.Finish cleaning the effing shed
24.Start a real adult serious savings
25.Finish the Buffy comic series
26.Work again in a woodshop
27.Take mom to hot springs
28.Branch out beyond the IPA (and the IIPA, and the Pale Ale)
29.Garden, with Ben


  1. i like the outdoor movie series idea. will you project onto a hung sheet? maybe i should try making a list like this.

  2. I like that list. Etsy shop - hooray!

    Good to know you liked the Fuji Instax. I might have to get one when I run out of Polaroid film.

  3. props on the list - and oh, you must photograph the hell out of tokyo. also, look at you desert-sexy kids.

  4. Yay, love these lists! Make sure you follow up with us as you check stuff off.

  5. j- yes. we have done outdoor movies before. inspired by the blank wall of doom, we found that a sheet against the fence worked better.

    l- i know. we are so desert lately it is ridiculous. i felt like a hick when i went out in dc, with everyone in suits.

  6. and man oh maaaaan i hope we cross tokyo off the list. photographs to hell fer sure!!!!

  7. k, so i can pretty much just copy your list and make that my to-do list for 2010, cept that i don't have a friend named scarlett whot lives in portland and i generally stick to belgian whites instead of IPAs, but still.

    and um, YES, we will most definitely be in jt for NYE. and we will most def. be at pappy's because the thriftstore allstars are playing. and we love them. and we love pappy's. and there may or may not be a firepit involved in the ensuing plans. thinking you might make it out?!

  8. hahaha, I just laughed so hard at the "one for me, one for you" reference. nice!

  9. what the eff is n carb?!

  10. i should have known you would call me out.

    ncarb is the licensing board for architects. i need to register with them so i can start logging the hours i work, in case i ever want to get my license. :O

  11. why have you not registered already?


  12. love this list. just ordered the fuji instax for myself. so excited. ps. please trick out your bike and post about it.

  13. hi. i'm a stranger who just randomly stumbled upon your blog. like the pics and the general vibe. i also love the desert (recently married in las vegas). i'm an american living in dublin, also in love with the instax. can't beat it. x

  14. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Thank you for the inspiration, I've started my own list as well! :D