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Over the last holiday the urge to host kicked in big time, and so decided last minute to host a little brunch on Christmas. Some of our most beloved friends wil be joining us, I am very excited. (This will be good practice for item #6 on the list.) I am more worried about the food tasting good than the table looking stylish, but I wouldn't say no to some antlers. [wrapped in lights, maybe?]
Any ideas on sourcing these in San Diego?


  1. christmas brunch... how exciting!
    keep the menu super simple and it will all turn out lovely and you'll have time to spend with all your guests. :)

  2. oh yes. the only non preprepared things I will make will be frittata and potatos, and ben is on potato duty, so.

  3. sounds awesome! that tablescape is fabulous. the antlers are so cool.

  4. i would kill for a dining room.

    even a small one that can only hold 6-8 people.

    and i would like to have a table set like that too. Happy hostessing! twill be delicious.