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This Kid? He is somethin' else.  I have known him since was a few months old- I was his [and later his brother's] nanny for many years.  He is inquisitive as all get out and he has the most peculiar and fascinating interests.  Here he is examining something in the ground at our wedding.  His birthday [6 years!] is Tuesday.  I love buying gifts for him like no other kid. Last year for his birthday I got him this giclee print for his bedroom by boygirlparty:

He and I share a together a special place in our hearts for octopi, it has become like a sentimental inside joke with [as he was at the time] a four year old.  How cool is that?  When he heard the beatles' song [you know the one], he about died. "Mom. Has Jamie heard this? This is going to be her favorite song."

An inexplicable fascination of his over the years has been little, smooth, round things; as exemplified with his ongoing interest in all thing egg related as a toddler and pre-schooler.  Beyond that, he seemed to have a preference for smooth round things with a single hole [like, um, a belly with a belly button.] He also has an extensive cactus garden.  Given all this; for his birthday this year I have decided to get him  a perch! container for one thing [as seen below] with an air plant in it.  I don't know if he knows about air plants.  I'm pretty excited. Also, in case it isn't obvious, I am trying to instill an appreciation for the design world in him. Selfish? Maybe, but I think he like it.  

container image from branch.

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  1. Beautiful post.. Really lovely that you share this special relationship with this little boy! I hope he will love your gift!