Carinna and I managed to break away from the wedding activities and the awesome home we rented for a brief but fruitful shopping excursion. I found the medium sized pot above, for five bucks. Just in time, too as I had recently purchased the other two, and was finding that they really need to be clumped in groups of three. So, now they are. But until we have a new dresser for them to sit on, they are homelessly floating around the house.

Ben stayed behind to play guitar and enjoy the view, but I had his back. He had been looking for a hat like the one Jeff Tweedy wears in Ashes of American Flags. Or rather, I had been looking for him. [I used to, um, work in the hat business.] We hadn't had much luck. Then, I found this vintage Stetson, in his size. I actually agonized over whether or not to buy it. He is terribly finicky, and I was worried the brim would be too long. So, I bought it, but when we walked in the door of our house, I pretended it was a purchase for myself. He had been napping, and was groggy when we arrived. It took about 15 minutes before he finally asked, "why isn't that hat for me?"

he likes it.

Best? We found a pair of butterfly chairs. 75 bucks each. Carinna and I each kept one. They do need some love. [Sand and spray paint or powder coat???] Also, it never crossed my mind that I would keep the red cover. I knew Circa50 made stand up replacement covers, and immediately set my hopes on a leather one, to get cracking on that whole earthy thing. Yikes. To my dissapointment, the leather is not in the budget. I considered going with a neutral canvas, but I am hesitant to spend money on something that is such a comprimise. To my surpirse, I don't mind the red in our living room as much as I thought I would. Maybe it can stay until we squirl away enough for a leather cover? Also, I'm not sure if I like how much room it takes up in the living room. Hm.

And of course, this one has gotten the most out of the new chair.

We also had excursion of the non retail variety, resulting in rocks and sticks. These are also homeless right now.... Where to put rocks?


  1. Awesome, awesome finds! I kind of like the red, too! It's a nice pop of color. Isn't it crazy how much bigger those chairs seem once they're inside your place? I was shocked by that.

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    again. i have home envy. love your new finds!

  3. Rocks and sticks! My sister and I accumulate rocks and sticks wherever we go. I have way more rocks and sticks sitting around than is entirely appropriate. Tell me what you do with them!

    Also, love the little tri-pots.

  4. awwwww. I had that red butterfly chair forevs. I love it.

  5. the ceramics are totally fab. i would have bought them as well, super lovely.

    You know how much I love a butterfly chair - I did the same thing you guys did with my friend Maya when we found a pair in the thrift store. You could always have a cover made in a nice canvas pretty cheaply...but I do like the red.

  6. Anonymous12:53 PM

    you could make one of these driftwood lamps out of your sticks!
    I really want one, but I don't live on the sort of beach that has driftwood. It would go well with your earthy theme :)
    Love your home!

  7. I've been looking for the Jeff Tweedy hat myself, since i saw it on the cover of his new album.
    Any details you can give me to help me find one