is it ok to post a little unashamed self promotion after almost exactly 3 months of silence? no? then maybe don't click on this, or read the flyer....



Read this little piece today, and it gave me a renewed appreciation for independence day. Happy 4th from us. Miss all of you blog friends!


I was so honored that my sweet friend Kristina asked me to take photos of her and her three amazingly charming boys. What a group, right? I put a few on my site, but she shared a bunch more on 100 Layer Cakelet. So sweet! Thanks guys!


If you are keen on sandy beaches, big waves, cute babies and husbands, pretty friends named Carly, green mountains, chickens and skate parks, read on. These are all of my fave images that I took with the Hasselblad when we went to Hawaii a few months back. As usual I can't decide which to enlarge. I want big huge ones of a beachy one, a green one, and a baby one, but I don't think we have that much wall space left. :( Also- I am working on a 5 year plan for us to move there (duh) which means I need clients there. Who wants me to come take their photo pllllleeease?


hey guys! wanted to check in and tell you about this event i have been working on. it's called runaway, and it is a pop up wedding event + venue.

the shortest way i can describe it is like running away to vegas or city hall to get hitched, but with all the cool designey details and stuff. you can read tons more about it on 100 layer cake, or on our very own site.

of course rad + in love will be taking photos, but we are working with a whole team of crazy talented wedding people. if you or someone you know might be looking to elope or have a tiny wedding this spring in southern california, please check it out!

ps- we are raising the number of guests you are allowed to bring from 12, to 30!!!!!!


  2 years old, in just over a month. Can you even believe it?


Henry and his valentine.


Poll: which one should I blow up as a giant poster in our bedroom? XO.


What can I say. When it rains, it pours.


My friend Francis designed this very cool baby/toddler/child chair. I took a few photos for him, and Henry and little E patiently modeled between running around Francis' home like wild animals. Very, very cute wild animals. Anyways. The whole thing was too much not to share.

And some outtakes:

check out the chairs here, thanks again jora + emilia!

ps-  so what if I don't blog for over a month. I can do what I want, right? ;)