About A Desert Fete

Hi. I am Jamie. I like white ink printed on dark surfaces. I live for summer. I blog about random things on a desert fete and being a mama over at hank + lucy. I studied architecture, but I take pictures of people so in love that they decide to  commit to spend the rest of their days together with my pal Michelle as Rad + In Love .

                           (photo of Henry and I, by Michelle, for the sakura bloom sling diaries)

I began writing A Desert Fete back in 2008 when planning our own desert wedding

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Below is our handsome cat Manray.

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But why A Desert Fete?
Many years ago my best friend and I read Le Grand Meaulness by Alain-Fournier in sequence (me, then her). We both became enamored with the following scene;

{Meaulness} could not have been more surprised had he come upon a group of holiday makers stirring up a cloud of dust as if it were June... 'and yet,' he mused, 'of all places for a fete- this wilderness!'

......everything looked old and derelict... and yet the whole scene had a mysterious air of festivity. coloured reflections came out from low rooms where no doubt lanterns had also been placed, in windows overlooking the country side............. A heavy wooden door, arched at the top and studded like the door of a presbytery, stood ajar. The young dandy went in. Meatless followed and had scarcely taken a step in the hall before finding himself in the midst of laughter, song, shouts, and scamperings, though there was no one in sight...... before Meaulness could ask anything more they reached the door of a large room with a low ceiling, where a great fire was blazing. The tables were spread with white cloths, and around them was seated a very mixed gathering of people, dining in style.

That, we agreed, was what a wedding should be.
And so with a Joshua Tree wedding on the horizon, A Desert Fete.

*top left photo by Ben Left (my husband). He wanted credit fot that. Bottom, Michelle Pullman. The others, me.