After finishing up my latest little project, I spent the weekend nesting big time.  I ended up pairing most of my new containers with all of my lichen and moss finds that I have been collecting.  

I added to our wall of framed images, but I am not allowed to buy the Ribba frame from Ikea any more.  I think I already have too many of the same one. 

And I decided to try out a couch cover.  On the recommendation of a friend I bought these great blankets, bed spreads? [also from Ikea]  It took three of them to appropriately cover the couch, but they were only 10 bucks each.  They have a wonderfully thick and textured canvas like feel. 


See? Ben approves. Obv.


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    your house looks amazing!! so jealous.

  2. And Ben just happens to be holding a very nicely designed coffee cup. The man has style.

  3. ikea always comes to the rescue for cheap couch fixes!

  4. Is all the mossy stuff *alive*? I love it!!

  5. our sofa is covered in the same texurey throw thing and our walls in the same photo frames. I buy at least one ribba fram every time we go to ikea, whether I know what I'm going to put in it or not.

    I love the moss, it looks so soft and cosy.

  6. i was unaware that you could have too many ribba frames. can i have your house?

  7. where on earth is that awesome coffee cup from?
    currently working on a customised coffee cup for our yet to be born bali bar/restaurant/circus.
    and that one is great.
    do you have some link love??
    thank yous

  8. the coffee cup came from the pannikin in la jolla...

  9. thanks jamie.
    their website is as stunning as their packaging. ooh, wish i could taste the coffee. sounds SO good.