Let's add to the list of the daydreams uprooting and replanting in Vauban, Germany....

"Vauban, Germany, is an affluent new suburban community that differs from traditional suburbs in many respects. The most important difference is that cars are forbidden on most of Vauban's streets, and houses cannot have driveways or garages. Though not quite car-free, Vauban, a district of Freiburg, near the Swiss border, is a highly "car-reduced" suburb."

"Biking and walking are the principal means of transport within the community. A tram that runs down the spine of the district connects Vauban to the train station and downtown Freiburg .... residents who wish to own a car can do so, but must must generally park it in one of two municipal garages at the edge of town. So for most errands, it's easier to walk to the store than to walk to the car. Also, spaces must be bought, for about $40,000. The garages are also home to a car-sharing service, which car-less residents rely on for things like weekend ski trips."

"To make sure that residents can live in Vauban without a car, it is a "mixed use" community: stores, banks and restaurants are sprinkled along the main street of Vauban, and that street is within walking distance of all homes. In many traditional suburbs, houses are in areas that are purely residential, according to zoning laws. Stores and banks are often distant, requiring a car ride."

"Many people move to Vauban not for environmental reasons, but because they feel that a car-free environment is far better for children. Indeed, children are everywhere! With no cars on the streets, many residents call Vauban a children's paradise, where youngsters wander from a young age in safety. Even some residents who say they miss the convenience of a car at their doorstep have concluded that it is worth the tradeoff."

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