Trip to the bay area was short, but sweet; a quick visit Saturday and Sunday morning with my in laws, lots of baby arrival talk, then I escaped to Sausalito to visit my sweet friend Robbie who moved there last summer.  I have always wanted to visit the Heath Ceramic studio, turns out it is on his street! Just a block away.  I scored a couple discounted items, and splurged on some new his & hers mugs.  Then we got up early for a quick hike around the red woods area and I went crazy collecting moss and lichens and now I have to figure out how to make little terrariums [or is it terranium?] out of them.... I packed light so I did not bring my camera [I have NEVER gone on a trip and not brought a camera.  Weird.] So here are some pictures of my treasures....

Wow I have to get lots and lots of work done for a presentation on Wednesday that I am *so* not ready for.  Gulp.


  1. terrariums are so cute. domino has a how-to: http://www.dominomag.com/howtos/gardens/2008/12/terrariums

  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I love Heath too. We did our wedding registry w/ Heath b/c I couldn't handle the department store fancy pants ugly china. It's all so awesome and will last two lifetimes. Got everything on the list and use it daily.