Oh Velodrome.

from wikipedia:

A velodrome is an arena for track cycling. Modern velodromes feature steeply banked oval tracks, consisting of two 180-degree circular bends connected by two straights. The straights transition to the circular turn through a moderate easement curve.

The Velodrome at Morley Field is just a tiny jaunt from our abode.  On Tuesday evening's it hosts open racing.  Where you can bring food, beer, [or wine, of course] and good times.  Not only is there the eye candy and excitement of the racing, but the view past the track is of the sun setting behind the thick canopy of eucalyptus trees in Balboa Park.

I ask- how many things are there left like this in the average city? A free local event with a fun but mellow vibe, where it is totally legal to bring your own snacks & [alcoholic or otherwise] refreshments.  I tell you, let me be outside, let me eat and drink, give me something [like cyclists and setting suns] to look at, then throw in the company of neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and pleasant strangers, let me do this for free, and let it be in biking or walking distance to my house, and I am in heaven.

View from the bleachers at San Diego's Velodrome from here.

Poster from here.

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