Maybe it was cause the choices were too overwhelming.

Maybe it was cause last summer when we took a trip to NYC and returned with just a week before my school year started I had a little bit of a freak out from stress and exhaustion and anxiety cause I just wasn't ready.

Or because I am just so busy all the time that being home is so appealing.

Or because we are both big ole homebodies in generals
It was partially because San Diego is so great in September- perfect weather no crowds.

Mostly though, our decision to have a homeymoon was cause we are broke. :)

We are thinking of taking a nice trip wen I graduate next June. Maybe that will be our delayed honey moon.

In the mean time, the homeymoon has been great.

Lots of:
  • sleeping in
  • going to the beach
  • mueseums at balboa park
  • eating out
  • cooking at home
  • playing tennis [now that we are married- we play tennis]
  • going to the swapmeet and finding a 5 DOLLAR croquet set
  • playing croquet in the evening at the park with friends
  • going to shows
  • hanging around with the animals
  • suprisingly very little TV- the extra movies I ordered from Netflix are sitting in the end table drawer unopened.... [even the ones I have been DYING to see, like Son of Ranbow] [I should mention this is mostly due to the fact that every last minute of time that is not being occupied by other activities while at home I have been completely submerged in the reading of pure and utter mind candy, such a guilty pleasure I will not even name it here- and to my dismay it is a 4 BOOK series, so even though I have been devouring them at a rate of almost a book a day I am just nearing the end- I look forward to having my mind back. Also I am delaying the inevitability of the end. Otherwise this post wouldn't be written. Wow. Sometimes I should just shut up.]
  • finding any excuse to go anywhere close enough to ride our bikes. we heart our bikes. we also rilly rilly like our neighborhood. [one of the coolest things about our neighborhood is Morley Field. Where said tennis and croquet games happen. Morley Field- an extension of Balboa Park- also has your typical sports fields, a swimming pool, lawn bowling, golf course, frisbee golf, a dog park, and a freakin velodrome*.

I was so inspired by our wedding p's camera equipment that I decided it would be fun to document our homey-moon using one of my impossibly old square format cameras. Er, one I have never used before. The results, generally were expensive and uninspired [blury, double exposed, washed out] part due to camera, part due to user. HeeHee. Next time I am sticking with my trusty Diana.

What, you didn't think I could resist showing some of them? Double exposure blurry-ness and all....

Me & my bike. But the bottom of the image shows the top of the next image which is Ben Left's much cooler bike. An ancient 3 speed sears.

Us at the Shores. La Jolla Shores.

Yeah North Park!!!! This water tower is a local icon.

And the beloved Velodrome*.

5 dollar croquet set, humoring friends, park up the street from my house overlooking Balboa Park, downtown and the bay, I love you all.


  1. Those seem far from a waste of film! I love them, double exposure and all!

  2. 1. love the photos. the multi-exposure is such a happy benefit of the plastic lens camera!

    2. i've just been thinking how amazing it might be to just take a honeymoon at home. After all the time juggling work and wedding obsessing, relaxing in our own yard, in our own kitchen, in our own neighborhood is v. appealing. i love that you choose this route!

    of course, we've already booked our flights and hotels so no turning back... i'm going to bring my holga now. thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your neighborhood rocks! And I think you guys have set a good precedent for married life with your laid-back/awesome homey-moon :)

  4. You are so smart for staying at home. No stress, your friends are there, and you get to relax.
    Plus, if you live near Balboa park, you're basically on vacation all the time anyways, right? It's magical.

  5. love these photos! and a homeymoon is a great idea :)

  6. Awesome pictures, but I want to know what you're reading! One always needs some good mind candy ready and waiting in the wings!

  7. we are neighbors. craziness.