clocks ticking....

summer is gone. [sad, but i am excited to wear my fall fashions.]

homey-moon is closing to an end.... 

dreams [literal ones] of weddings are getting replaced by dreams of first day of school.  yes, I am 27 and have been in school for WAY TOO LONG and I STILL have dreams about the first day of school.  two weeks away. sigh.

school.  wedding planning over- time to focus on, ahem, my thesis project that is supposed to be all prepared to start in two weeks....

ready to be a good blogger again.  thinking of posting about some wedding details, homey-moon explanations, and some imaginary road trip ideas that might be too much work for a little blog but so fun i can't resist.

but the clock is REALLY ticking for the mail man to bring me my polaroids..... well.  fedex man anyways. today is they day they are set to arrive. that is SURE to get me back into the blogging mode full swing. don't want to decide what we will do with them until we see them.  album? string on the wall? frames...?

first image.  second image.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I adore the second image/idea. What a beautiful way to display images and I love that you can switch pictures easily when your mood changes. I can't wait to see your polaroids!!

  2. Um, yes please. We want more more more! I am a greedy reader, I fear.

  3. Please, please, please post your wedding details! This post was a bit of a tease. Surely blogging takes precedence over school?