I might have bitten off more than I can chew. We are well into (beyond) the first half of the year. Even if you count the in progress/scheduled items, I am not half way through the list here. And there are a few things I am less interested in doing now that I was last winter. And there are so many things that conflict, especially financially. I can't buy chocolate brown boots, take a textile class, trick out my bike and do all this travelling I want to do.

For now, here is an update, and I am considering permitting myself a mid year (or a little later) swap on some of the items.

1.Take sister on a road trip (or fly to a really cool city)
2.Print/organize/archive photo collections {in progress}
3.Go back to Yosemite, preferably with a group of friends {scheduled!}
4.Register for ncarb
5.Start a drawing journal/sketchbook {oops!}
6.Host Thanksgiving (with my mother in law's help)
7.Hike Cowles
8.Visit dad in Tokyo {this might have been wishful thinking}
9.Ice skate with sis
10.Start an exercise routine {oops!}
11.Open an etsy shop {in progress, sort of, but maybe better!}
12.Engage in volunteer work
13.Watch Labyrinth with Lorenzo & Massimo
14.Find chocolate brown boots {this might have been flat out DREAMING}
15.Bake something
16.Take a textile course {swap?}
17.Visit Scarlett in Portland {scheduled}
18.Use a laser cutter {swap?}
19.Find a campground we like near San Diego {does 5 hours away qualify as near?}
20.Learn and refine photoshop skills
21.Trick out my bike
22.Host a summer outdoor movie series
23.Finish cleaning the effing shed
24.Start a real adult serious savings
25.Finish the Buffy comic series {in progress}
26.Work again in a woodshop {swap?}
27.Take mom to hot springs
28.Branch out beyond the IPA (and the IIPA, and the Pale Ale) {get on it woman!}
29.Garden, with Ben {in progress, sort of. the garden project was haulted after the dog debacle. is it too late to plant anything if we start now? with started plants?}


  1. I love lists like this -- best of luck! :)


  2. You can absolutely plant a garden still! Your nearest nursery should have a load of veggies and herbs in 4 inch pots that you can plant now and harvest in the fall. You can probably even still get some zucchini and summer squash going. Definitely basil. They might have some larger tomato plants (mine [in SF] are only just now beginning to show some buds). And there are always flowers!

  3. Honey, we live in Southern California. Just throw a bunch of stuff in the ground and try to remember to water it occasionally. Even I have a hard time killing plants around here.

  4. First, I think some of the things are doing are so huge that they make up for some of the other stuff. Make it a two year list!

    Second, start a garden. It's not like you missed summer, right? #notsummer

  5. Re: #28, you MUST try hitachino espresso stout (http://www.anconaswine.com/sku15220.html).. you can find it at whole foods, kinda pricey at $6 a pop but oh. my. goodness. worth every penny.
    and you will just die when you see the label.
    I know, some people are afraid of stouts..
    BUT to those folk I say this: carmel, chocolate, espresso. you read me?

  6. Oh it's never too late in the year to start gardening. You can do preparatory groundwork if nothing else.

    And I'm with Meg - that's one impressive list! No shame in stretching it out over 2 years.

  7. I can help you with # 28... I've never really been a beer drinker (except in DK, but they really don't give you much of a choice) but lately lots of beer focused places and all beer bars have been popping off here. Anyhoo... I recently tried some belgian trippels and I'm in love.

    And I think I met Celia through your bloglist...then I saw she moved up here from LA and I said hello... and well we just moved from there. So I guess you kinda introduced us.

    When are you coming to visit?

  8. I want to be invited to #22. Thx.