I have to admit, this summer I've been perfecting the art of three and four day weekends. Start with a job that lets you work 9 hour shifts, so every other Friday is off. Toss in a handful of holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, then to really push it over the top use your vacation time disbursed for the occiasional odd Monday or additional Friday, and wham. The only downside is when I tragically do have a 5 day work week it is murdourous.
I took Monday off so that Carinna and I can go to Palm Springs Sunday night. I mean, it is RAINING here. I have worn a jacket to work every day this week. I think summer forgot San Diego, so we just have to go find summer.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer you have going on for you!
    Enjoy Palm Springs!

  2. I think you've got it FIGURED OUT.

  3. Sigh. So I' not even going to mention how envious I am. No, no, all I'll say is how HAPPY I am for you.

    But then again, we've been having a proper summer here in the UK for... as long as I can remember. So, there is that.

  4. i like the way you think.
    i've been terrible at keeping up with anything these days-but just wanted to tell you that your photos are looking fab, my dear...and you've got a scheduled trip to Portland?
    ok-but really, i'm happy for you :)
    hope you find summer this weekend, xo abby