I love some of the stuff from please be still, [especially we are all connected.] and for a day to day motto, everything is going to be ok. But I knew it wasn't the right thing to say during my friend's critical phase of injury. I found myself at a loss for words of consolation. Rachel, in her infinite wisdom, suggested "We will get through this." Because, as she reminded me, there is very little we don't get through. One way or another. And, we do it together. I made this image as a reminder of this phrase, inspired by please be still, and Rachel!!!!


  1. My great-grandmother's motto was "this too shall pass" - which she used to say to help her get through the Great Depression. My Dad and I still use it as our motto when things get a bit rough.

  2. Ooohhh...I love your image! Glad things are looking up for you guys!