Lily found a QUAIL. A QUAIL. Ok so, her dog found it, and turned it over unharmed. But look at how friendly and peaceful it looks? I love quails, people. I used to watch the mommy quails run through my grandmother's desert yard, with a trail of mini quail babys running behind her.

It must be so f*ing cool to live in joshua tree.


  1. ok, so the next time you and your man are in the hi-dez you must come visit. i can't promise that dolly will hand-deliver a quailette, but i can promise you really good coffee/ rosemary cornbread/ whiskey, depending on what time of day it is. If you email me your street address I'll send you and invitation to my open studio next wknd. oh, and i WANT your homemade JTree rocks "we will get through this" poster to go next to my "keep calm and carry on" print.

    happy weekend jamie, and so glad your buddy is recovering. *phew*


  2. !!!!!!!!!!

    I want a quail.