Thank you cards.

I have to tell you, I love love love designing and making paper things. Like our invites.  And our save the dates.

We had two post wedding printing projects planned; thank you cards and thank you gifts.

The cards were to be for everyone.  We conceived of using one of the photos from the wedding of us and turning it into a simple stylized illustration and then printing it.  In the manner of something like this:

The problem? I have never tried to illustrate people.  Birds & flowers & buildings? Sure. People? Not so much.  Even going for this very simple style I got a little overwhelmed.  We then discussed just using the favorite polaroid and printing it out on cardstock with our high quality ink printer and turning those into little thank you cards.  Sigh. It just feels like kind of a cop out and a waste of an opportunity to make something beautiful.  On the other hand I work full time like a normal person next week [more even; knowing my boss] and the week after I start school.  And my thesis.  And I still haven't done anything to prepare for that.  [SO unlike me.]


Then there is the thank you gift.  Also a print, but slightly larger and framed.  This being a thank you gift for the oh so many people that made our wedding awesome.   This one is going well- it is an owl sitting in a joshua tree with the sun setting over the mountains.  Easy.

So.  Take the easy way out? Try again? Maybe I was making it harder than it needs to be.....


  1. Maybe find someone on Etsy who is willing to make a drawing for you? Otherwise, I'm sure the polaroid cards will be lovely.

  2. Do. a. polaroid. Not a cop-out. Awesome.

    (And I'm not just saying so b/c we're doing a polaroid "announcement" for the many extended family members who weren't invited...)