I feel kinda guilty, aren't you supposed to wait ages before you get your pictures? Michelle has already emailed me the scans of the negatives of her favorite colors and has put the rest in the mail two days ago. Wow! She is still working on the black & whites....

Well, I think you can guess what this picture is. I got all cry-ey and so Ben kept kissing me, he told me later, to calm me down or something like that. It wasn't a gross make out kiss or anything- but people said it was the longest wedding kiss ever. haha. Fair enough since our over all ceremony was probably the shortest!

So that little bouquet there, Ben made it. Awww. The funny thing is, as my father, my mother and myself started walking towards the aisle I realized I had forgotten it!!! Doh!!!! Before I had time to think about it my mother said, I'll go get it! as we were already walking down the aisle. We kind of had to keep going cause it was timed to a song and all that. So then my Dad and I got to the front and after I hugged him I totally said something dorky as my Mom briskly came to the front with the roses, "oh, don't mind me just gotta get my bouquet...." every one laughed. It was all kind of cute really. As I quoted Ban.do before

they're not perfect, but they are fantastic,
and sometimes fantastic is better than perfect.
wouldn't you agree?

image by michelle pullman


  1. I do agree. This picture knocks my socks off. Also? The story.

  2. Gooooorgeous. I love the backdrop!

  3. So gorgeous. And, more importantly, full of heart. Not to continue to be a brat, but I still can't wait to see more.

  4. Anonymous1:01 AM

    great photo!

  5. awww! such a beautiful photo!!

    and WHERE did you get that backdrop! it's FANTASMAGORICAL! :-D

  6. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I love this picture

  7. thanks everyone!!!!!!

    nick/kathleen: backdrop was a total splurge! [but so worth it, now it is a sweet reminder hanging in our house.] they used to have it at the moma store... it is called the "until dawn curtain" by Tord Boonjte.