With all the talk about Save The Dates [on practical wedding & 2000 wedding] I thought I would share ours.

Because we have [kind of?] a destination wedding they were necessary so that folks could begin making travel plans.

I would love for these to have been all match-y with our later invites, but school was in full swing so I had to whip something together pretty quick.

This is kind of an updated post card. It is printed on recycled card stock with our home printer. The back side has images from our recent trip to Joshua Tree [where Ben proposed & where the wedding will be] along with the necessary information. The front side has the address printed on it.

I then scored and folded them and sealed the back with a little peice of artist tape- it looks like craft paper that is adhesive once you wet it.

Viola! No outer envelopes necessary. I love going to friends houses and seeing the fun images pinned up on boards & fridges!


  1. Cute! you guys did such a great job on everything. my stamps... i feel a little nervous about revealing my non-internet source, but in the spirit of community i am compelled to share all good things! i got them all at a little stamp and coin shop on main street in santa monica. i actually don't remember the name because it just says "stamp and coin" on the sign. I thought you were from LA there for a moment, but turns out San Diego! my hometown. :) actually heading down there this afternoon.

    your wedding will be beautiful!

  2. Holy crap. These are awesome. Seee.... I want ours to be this awesome. It's so much *pressure*

    No, seriously, I think we have it figured out now.