(H in a vintage button up from Kristina, cotton leggings bought on the mini social
boumy mocs also from tms, and handmade Mexican hat)

After getting enough requests from friends and bloggers and instagrammers about where I shop for Henry- it is time for a little post.  I would like to think it isn't just a matter of knowing where to shop, but how to shop, that keeps H lookin cute. Here are my general rules:

-We avoid garish colors (too many primaries or pastels) and characters (duh) and favor solids and stripes, and the occasional tasteful pattern. I like simple stuff. Oh, and babies can wear black and boys can wear pink.

-Don't be afraid to hit up the girls' section, especially for stripes, skinny jeans, and leggings. Because it is comfy for babywearing, we do a lot of leggings. I LOVE 3/4 length ones!

-I find he doesn't need THAT many clothes. Much like when dressing myself, I tend to pull my favorites for him as long as they are clean, so a lot of clothes in his wardrobe just don't get a lot of use!

-Treat ourselves to something special on occasion! (handmade, independent, well designed type stuff!)

phoenix and nola top and fuzzi bunz dipes

I used to favor thrift stores for vintage and just plain good old used finds, but it is harder to make time these days. For new stuff, I almost NEVER pay full price (unless we are splurging, as mentioned above!). I hit up a few major chain stores on occasion, both online and in person:

-carters was my go to when he was teeny tiny. OK not the cutest, but for a tiny baby who was growing out of things in like, weeks, their simple and affordable threads (esp at their outlet stores) helped us get through the newborn stage without being too garish or too spendy

-gap (might seem obvious, but people keep asking, so): button ups, sweaters, leggings, outerwear, jeans and stripes. When I was pregnant buying some maternity jeans they talked me into a gap card, and the rewards have added up. They have customer appreciation days a few times a year when you get like 40% off your entire purchase, so we stock up then.

-old navy, similar to gap. i have gotten him a GREAT pea coat here, some cute flannels, jeans.

pull over from tea collection, super cute but hidden 
anchor shirt from rickshaw designs, thrifted jeans- from like old navy or something generic, shoes by see kai run via Zulily

Then there is the stuff I hoard via online sales. Here are some of my favorite brands for baby basics (IE solids and stripes):

The Little Seed
American Apparel
Nature Baby (PS sale!)
Phoenix + Nola
C&C California

Almost all of this stuff I have purchased through online flash site sales*. The planer the baby clothes, the more expensive, it seems. My hands down favorite is the mini social (foxes and owls!). Others include Zulily, Gilt (DEF getting him a pair of bensimons!), and hautelook. These sites often have great gear and accessories, too.

I also frequently visit the sale and clearance sections of some fancy baby boutiques, but usually stop short of purchasing and settle for the quick thrill of adding to my cart without pulling out my card:

sweet william
mini rodini
poppy's closet

american apparel tank and  saltwater sandals, a gift from abby and asa 
For a little more fun, I willow up soon with something closer to my heart: fun indie type clothes!

ALRIGHT. For a lot of you guys out there this is a yawn. Either cause you aint got a little boy to dress, or you are already doing just fine, thankyouverymuch. What tips do you have?

*you know how they work, right? you have to sign up, then they email you the daily deals. designer stuff for cheap. and if you sign up using my link, i get a store credit. so use my link, MKAY :)


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Glad you posted this! I love the way H dresses.Dressing boys can be tricky and I definitely look to stylish little boys for inspiration. I too am a fan on simple, stripes and loath baby clothes with sayings or characters on them (the only exception being vintage looking super hero tees.) I love American apparel, Tea Collection, Carhartt and Under The Nile. Basically I want my boy to look like a tiny lumberjack/surfer/cowboy/farmer. I go crazy for flannels, overalls, wife beaters, and skull caps. I primarily shop sales and buy things for the future, which makes me spend less in the long run. I look forward to seeing what and where other Mamas shop.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      "wife beaters"

      lovely term to instill the right values in your young man

    2. nice lu!!!!!!! jack is a cutie ALL THE TIME.

  2. I love the way you dress him. Of course, he's pretty darn cute nekky too:).

  3. I have no tips... just wanted to say: I LOVE H. and his street style. ;)

  4. @lpc and nicloe <3

  5. cheech had those exact shoes from see kai run. she wore them between 7-9 months. i miss them so.

  6. Here's a Hello from the Netherlands. I love your blog (and Celia's) and have been following you for a year and a half now. My youngest son was born at the same time as yours, so there's a small connection. This post I liked especially, since I recently started a blog about clothes and brands for boys (I have 2 and difficulties finding them cool outfits). If you like to have a look: www.teesandotherstuff.blogspot.com
    Please keep posting beautiful pictures, they are an inspiration!

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Hello! I adore your blog, I have been reading for a while now. I wanted to ask a couple of questions (which mean seem weird, I'm not sure); I just found out I am pregnant (surprise!) and I am super happy (terrified) but not sure where to start for reading material (online and IRL). I'd love to find intelligent stuff online that doesn't use crazy acronyms or books that are a good starting point for an ignorant pregnant, such as myself. Any tips? Blogs? Books? Thank you!

    1. wow congratulations! you can follow a bit of my own and my friend celias pregnancy and early infancy days on our now mostly defunct blog hank + lucy. i talked about a few books in this post: http://hankandlucy.blogspot.com/2011/03/i-thought-i-would-talk-little-bit-about.html. these are just about birth and pregnancy, but that is a good place to start! you can read about babies at the end of your pregnancy. ;)

      some parenting(ish) blogs that i have read and liked:

      these days i am trying to get through the books simplicity parenting and unconditional parenting.

      oh and if you are a total over achiever check out these:



  8. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Thank you SO very much! This is a great introduction... now I shall go educate myself !


  9. best. expecting a little man and (after getting over the shock- we were so convinced he was a girl that we picked out basically EVERYTHING) had to come back to this post to give myself a "boys clothes dont suck so bad" pep talk :)

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