We met Miss Lucca Valentine and her Mama at the park the other day, and the babes were accidental twinsies. Redic, no?

Unfortunately, Henry Sparrow is going to have to learn how to share with the ladies. He was not happy with her trying to steal his beloved bread.

How cute are these two? Her little scarf. Stop it.


  1. I don't share my bread either.

  2. oh goodness, there's too much cuteness in this post. and that last photo of little Lucca is to die for. and yes, that scarf is killing me.

  3. Oh, my... those tiny jean jackets! I could cry over the amount of cute. ;)

    p.s. I'm STILL not over the fact that Henry has decided to grow out his hair. Is he a teenager now?!

  4. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Maybe being withholding is part of Henrys game with the ladies? It can be an effective, although dastardly tactic.