More than a few things I have been liking, things I want to share:

one love photo via apw
When Ben and I decided to get hitched we headed to the bookstore for a little help in planning the dang event. Guess what; the book I was looking for? It didn't exist. When the same thing happened to my pal Meg, she decided to go ahead and write it. A Practical Wedding (the book) is available for presale now, and starts early shipping tomorrow. Team Practical is asking that if you plan on buying the book, do so tomorrow on December 7th to help make the book best seller for a day. If you are getting planning a wedding or know someone who is soon, I can't (even though I haven't read it) recommend this enough! Meg is wise and witty, and I am so proud of her.

handmade holiday

One more day to pick up some limited edition goodies (like the above print) from the online Handmade Holiday. Free shipping ya'll!

Angela Hardison
Speaking of free and holidays; Angela made the above art and you can download it for free right-banana-here. I am particularly interested in that super easy to craft garland, and am *thinking* about heading to our local Michael's so that I can make my own!

Do you all read Miss Moss? I love looking over sites like the selby for inspiration- seeing homes where records sometimes live on the floor and you can actually see a cord or two- and she just pointed me in the direction of the Russian site The Locals.

Sarah Bebe Holmes via Arial Edge via Peonies & Polaroids via ESB

In other wise and witty wedding lady news, ESB has a NEW PODCAST. What? Unintentional side effect; her giggling is outting her as the warm and kind person that I know her to be. (Shhhh. Don't tell.) Anyways- got a problem? Wedding or otherwise? CALL IN.
Lauren McClure

Remember I mentioned the super talented photographer Lauren McClure (woah, almost a year ago!) well for a limited time you can pick up some of her prints! Hop on it

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo via indigo bunting

Just, watch the video and be happy. (Yes, it is a real printer.)


  1. i ADORE little printer. adore.

  2. Buy the book tomorrow, December 7th, not 8th!! YAY!!!

  3. I ordered Meg's book today! So excited to get some practical advice. Phew!

  4. "A Practical Wedding" sounds fabulous!