I have been loving the beautiful pictures by Texas photographer Lauren McClure on her blog, Snaps and Studies.

Naturally, they reawawaken my urge for a Texas roadtrip.....


  1. yessss ... we're planning our first marfa/big bend trip in March and I am PSYCHED. Must clear out the photo card to do so.

  2. Ahhh Texas. One of the best photo trips I ever took but also one of the worst "long-ass" drives ever!!! If you go, cruise over to the Cadillac Ranch will ya? I'd love to see your shots of that.


  3. I love these! I'm going to end up spending hours on her blog to look at everything now.

    I feel like driving anywhere here is a long-ass drive. In West Texas, especially.

    (Yes! Come to Texas! And bring the nugget. ;)

  4. oh man that teepee picture is blowing my mind.

  5. those are so lovely...the black and white's have so much natural contrast..i dig it.

  6. Anonymous6:27 AM

    beautiful pictures - they make me want to go on a roadtrip too!

  7. Yes, Texas desert is like the wide ocean.
    We liked it so much we got married there... Marfa to be exact!

  8. I'm so thankful for all the feedback...so special and appreciated. Thank You!

    Jessica: I just clicked on your link and discovered that you are married to my childhood friend Gray! We went to elementary through high school together. Congrats on your recent nuptials!

    * I love how the blog community makes little great moments/discoveries happen ;)