Kate is back guest posting today with a little more Seattle love. Thank you Kate!!!!! 

ducks in a row

Hi everyone! I'm back with a list of more ideas for a day in Seattle. Some of you recommended some things on my last post in the comments that I had been planning for this post, so I'm glad we're on the same page, kids.

1. Visit the Central Library downtown, where checking out books is not your mission, but rather taking in the breathtaking architecture and photo opportunities.
2. Rent a canoe at the University of Washington Waterfront Activities Center and row around beautiful Union Bay.
3. Invest a few pennies on something beautiful at Totokaelo.
4. Have a picnic and/or hike at Discovery Park, the best park in any city I've ever lived in.
5. Eat a burger at Kid Valley, or fish & chips at either Ivar's (only the location on the waterfront downtown!) or Spud's.
6. Take in the awesome view at Kerry Park.
7. Eat ice cream at Molly Moon's (salted caramel!)
8. Some thrift stores I like: Red Light, Value Village (11th ave), Atlas.

required photo

the view

And two out of the city ideas:
1. Visit La Push - my very favorite Washington beach, or maybe possibly my favorite place on earth. Before Twilight, thankyouverymuch.
2. If you're an obsessive Twin Peaks fan, like Jamie, you could visit THE waterfall - Snoqualmie Falls, not too far from where I grew up. It's touristy, but beautiful.

snoqualmie falls

Thanks for having me, Jamie!


  1. Great suggestions - makes me homesick.

  2. 1. JAMIE! I just finished Twin Peaks. GAAAAH!

    2. RED LIGHT


    I miss Seattle.

  3. This is literally the third "What to do in Seattle" post I've seen today. Is the Universe telling me something?!

  4. You forgot Paseo! Cuban sandwiches you will never forget.

  5. Perfect timing--I live in Seattle and am dying to do something different this summer. Thanks!

  6. I don't recommend Snoqualmie Falls, as the lower portion is closed until 2013 so you can only scope it from above - which is fun, but not day trip worthy.