Yesterday Ben woke up and coughed a little cough.

He said his throught felt... dry...
Might not seem like the biggest deal.

Unless you spent the entire Christmas holiday time together, sick as dogs. And then the entire New Year's weekend together, with the worst sore throats you could even imagine. And then done everything to stay healthy as a horse. And you don't want to get your pregnant wife sick. Again.
By the end of the day he had a full blown cold. Poor guy.
Today I woke up and coughed. My throat felt dry.
I don't know how much more of this we can take. OR what else we can DO about it.


  1. Sorry to hear you guys are ill again. Hope the lemons, honey and everything else will work and it'll only be short. Sending all get well wishes to you both.

  2. Oh no. You poor things. I know it sounds gross, but my brother swears by a tea of lemon, garlic, ginger, and honey. I try to drink a lot of Emergen-C Immune Defense (lots of vitamin C and zinc and elderberry, which is supposed to help). And a neti pot works wonders if you have sinus issues. When I get desperate, I hit up the Zyrtec-D or Mucinex-D, but I don't know what you can take while pregnant.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. This is my little miracle cure:


    Big caveat: you really do have to take it at the first sign of something. But it works!

  4. i've been congested pretty much since the day i got pregnant. my itchy throat started about 2 weeks ago. apparently, this is common? anyway, since there isn't much *we* can do, a long steamy shower (not too hot) seems to do wonders for me. i usually take one at night when my nose and throat issues are at their worst. the doctor said if it gets super bad, benadryl is totally safe. also, make sure to take it at night because it makes you very sleepy. speaking of, SLEEP as much as you can. i know it's hard. i have to remind myself not to stay up too late and to take it easy as much as possible.

    sorry. :(

  5. oh poo. i am feeling ill this morning too. celia is super right. sleep is the best thing to do. on that note. sweet dreams!

  6. i use zycam (the gooey stuff you put in your nose, not the sprays or medications - i think it would be safe for baby) and sleep coma-style for as long as i can. :(

    i hope you feel better, what a bummer...sickness seems to come like that over here too...

  7. oh my god. what kind of crazy germs are living in sd? i feel for you guys.

    SLEEP (as much as possible - i swear it helps)
    DRINK WATER (ditto)

    um, those are my only suggestions. i drink this disgusting mix of hot fresh lemon juice and tons of honey when i have a sore throat. no water at all. my mouth twists a little just thinking about it, but it seems to help.

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    Sick Person aka Nasty Tea

  9. I started using a neti pot several months ago - I use it when I feel a sinus infection coming on. I also gargled with salt water when I felt like I was getting a sore throat. So far I've avoided getting a cold or sinus infection. It seems like it works. I'm sold.

  10. I was getting cold after nasty cold for the past few years and finally went to see a nutritionist...he said most people are severely vitamin D deficient from working indoors. I guess this is the vitamin most responsible for your immunity. I've been supplementing and haven't been sick for a year...knock on wood!

  11. Just drink so much water. So much!

  12. Feeling your pain...I can't rid the house of this nasty bug!

    But I'm a total believer in Thieves...the bomb!