More dreamy Texas photos! This time from Abby. (we needed something prettier than all that cold remedy stuff).


  1. dig it.

    i live in texas now and never thought i'd get used to all the southern stuff...but i did...it's pretty and natural and there are big city areas that are full of culture and music...it's grown on me.

  2. bring it! I'm psyched at the prospect of spring arrange three months earlier than in the NE.

    we should arrange a meet up. halfway. marfa?


    [and she's a good one, that Abby.]

  3. the tones of her images are always spot on...dreamy is the perfect adjective. love her work!

  4. hi there. just stumbled upon your blog and am liking it. i, too, am a desert dweller and noticed you are close to san diego? i'm from there but my blog is based out of joshua tree where i now live. where outside of san diego do you live? small blog world. look forward to more of your posts.

  5. AW, thanks Jamie!
    You know what is funny...I actually took these in December when I was back home in California, lol.
    They were taken in the foothills-near Three Rivers, California.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for the shout out.

  6. i just stumbled upon this blog and i couldn't be happier i did. i have such a love for the desert and have ever since i was a kid. many people only see the extreme temperatures and not the beauty! joshua tree - what a perfect spot for a wedding! congrats!