Oh you know, just a Midweek Manray. Psych!

It is his Finnish doppelganger. They even have the same chairs. But his doppelganger has a way sexier house.

(I was so confused when I glanced at this image in my reader. "What throw pillow is that...? When did I take/post this picture...?")

(Not too unlike the time a picture of Dustin Hoffman showed up and for more than a split second I was sure it was me and Ben. What gave it away was not that it wasn't Ben, but that I am not as skinny as Hoffman's wife was.)


  1. awww, don't you just love cat twins? :) i hardly ever find "twins" of my cat, so i'm jealous.

  2. i have a cat doppelganger who likes to hang out on our deck. it's SO sweet when they stare at one another through the sliding glass doors.

  3. the hoffman shot is great. very funny.

  4. where IS that pillow from?! I have a Bertoia chair that came with a cover in the same fabric (but mine is tan/brown). I LOVE the pattern...where can i find more!!?

    I hope someone can tell me!

  5. sorry i dont know.... follow the link in the words "Finnish doppelganger" for the blog it came from. good luck!