it is time to admit that i am 30, and my birthday has long past, & those things not yet done are simply that.

to review, 29 things to do before i turned 30....

1.Take sister on a road trip (or fly to a really cool city)
2.Print/organize/archive photo collections (in progress?)
3.Go back to Yosemite, preferably with a group of friends
4.Register for ncarb
5.Start a drawing journal/sketchbook
6.Host Thanksgiving (with my mother in law's help) (i hosted christmas, twice?)
7.Hike Cowles
8.Visit dad in Tokyo
9.Ice skate with sis (this one is So her fault, really)
10.Start an exercise routine
11.Open an etsy shop (cactus and quail counts! even better!)
12.Engage in volunteer work
13.Watch Labyrinth with Lorenzo & Massimo
14.Find chocolate brown boots (spensive!)
15.Bake something
16.Take a textile course
17.Visit Scarlett in Portland
18.Use a laser cutter
19.Find a campground we like near San Diego
20.Learn and refine photoshop skills
21.Trick out my bike
22.Host a summer outdoor movie series
23.Finish cleaning the effing shed
24.Start a real adult serious savings
25.Finish the Buffy comic series
26.Work again in a woodshop
27.Take mom to hot springs
28.Branch out beyond the IPA (and the IIPA, and the Pale Ale) (to be fair, I was PREGNANT almost half the year)
29.Garden, with Ben


  1. hi! i don't remember how i originally found your blog, but had to comment on your #4 because it caught me off guard to see and architecture related goal. so i'm here to encourage you to just sign up and get it over with :) i just wrote my 101 in 1001 list & one of mine is to finally get my california license. if anything just for the closure of saying that i'm done!!! good luck w/ the rest of your goals. you accomplished a lot of them already.

  2. Ive been following your blog for a long time and love it!!!! I have just turned 36 but I have to say, something happened to me when I hit 30. I grew more confident,patient, more spiritual, and I never thought I could feel this good. My thirties are way better than my twenties, thats for sure. It seems you have accomplished a lot, be gentle with yourself from an outsiders point of view, you have a rad life!!!! And entertaining blog:)

  3. i don't even want to glance at the list of goals i set for myself for 2010. "i was pregnant" is pretty much my excuse for everything these days. ;)

  4. This is an awesome and very personalized list! I've started developing a 101 in 1001 list, but it's hard to come up with so many! Haha

  5. I have to start a list like this.. I am almost 28 but there are lots of things I need/want to do that I keep putting off.

    Going to Yosemite is definitely on my list

  6. As I will be turning 30 in about tree months, I think I have to start such a list urgently!! Scary! :)
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  7. very exciting! well done!