I thought I would mention that the potato salad I made the other week was to die for. Check out the recipe on Smitten Kitchen.

I should warn that it caused a stir in our family.

J: What dishes should we make for the BBQ?

B: Everyone is bringing something and we are so busy, I will just buy some potato salad from the deli.

J: (Silence) ... I will make some potato salad.


J: (reviewing recipes) Do you like horseradish?

B: In my potato salad!?!? NO! Plain, American potato salad.

J: (Ignores Ben and chooses a very Russian potato salad, tries to hide it, fails. Weekend long argument re: potato salad ensues. Jamie sticks to guns. Mother in law stays out of it.)

(BBQ day)

B: This potato salad is really, really good. (Ben proceeds to eat so much potato salad that he never even grills himself a veggie burger.)

image via smitten kitchen