A weekend so full it needs a list (highlights in bold);

1) manray (of course)
2) hiking cowles with britt & carly where we saw
3) a HUGE great mountain dog
4) carly's appointment canceled for that day so she took us to a hidden treasure, what amounted to a huge indy liquor store with a cafe inside. featuring beer brunch. (i had the dogfishhead aprihop)
5) shed cleaning
6) bike riding to adams avenue
7) seeing John Doe & co
8) meeting John Doe, taking photo with John Doe, getting hug from John Doe
9) loitering, pizza eating, beer drinking with friends
10) mod swap with morgan & the boy where I
11) found a black bertoia lounge chair for 75 dollars
12) mini tour of little italy's best contemporary architecture + coffee at the new influx
13) the finishing of shed cleaning
14) retrieval of new bed (from hayden) where we discovered that he hangs his hat by his bed like Ben does and that
15) both carinna and myself were ridiculed separately by our men for our choice of shoes to move things (her= flats me= boots. what is wrong with that?)
15) retrieval of silk screening machine that will live in clean shed*, since hadyden is moving in with carinna and she has no garage
16) removal of carinna's old schwinn from our yard, where it had been taken over by vines
17) the requisite cat in new chair photo
18) I also went to ikea, cause new bed needed new stuff

*in exchange for a workspace, I get to USE IT!


  1. Angela8:20 AM

    KnB!!! :D

  2. gosh, this is like the BEST weekend you've ever had!
    p.s. please don't ever stop taking pictures of manray on chairs.

  3. Manray + Bertoia chair probably could've been a post by itself. Looks like you weekend was awesome piled on top of awesome.

  4. I am in love with your white shoes. And Manray.

  5. @angela yeah! knb!!!!!

    glad you guys like manray, too.

    but those are carinna's feet & shoes. :)

  6. what's that cat doing on that chair!

  7. Angela9:41 AM

    i'm seriously glad people like you are going there. and you are totally right, that liquor store is overwhelming and awesome at the same time. the food is YUMMY. but let's be serious, manray is all that matters in this post. :p

  8. $75?! woot woot. looks like a great weekend.

  9. omg! a diamond chair for 75 bones ensues jealousy.

  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Agreed with Celia!

  11. Anonymous12:18 PM

    killer chair. killer cat. killer weekend. killer john doe. xo.

  12. Amazing chair find!

    And I'm in love with the bike with the vines.

  13. Very many soft ears.

  14. I bet you're as pretty as your boots (and your cat) ;)
    and your productivity puts me to shame!

  15. That chair is fab!

  16. I love the pictures of the cat! Soo pretty!

  17. @rachel i know. RIGHT? like there is a garden growing out of the basket. love.