Second part of Meg's survey results are up. Big suprise. We all like her content. All of it.

How excited are you for her new site?


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I'm an idiot. I just snapped. You are the jaime that is making her beautiful survery graphs. I read both of your blogs - but just put the two together. I never even knew your name, I just knew you as A Desert Fete - maybe I should read the sides of the blogs I read every once in awhile! :)

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    And I can't spell. I wrote your name and survey wrong. Who knows what else is wrong, sorry!

  3. You're the sweetest. Smooch! And thank you again.

  4. yay, i can't wait for meg's new site. i love the survey graphs - great job! also, that veggie frittata looks amazing.