I was kinda thinking *maybe* we should go see Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on this tour, but was leaning away as we are trying to save money.
But then for the last two nights Ben was rewatching Runnin Down A Dream.*
Tom Petty is so fucking rad. We should really go.
Image from Fuck Yeah Tom Petty. (Thanks Kate!!!)
*hee. or, more correctly the link is here. kind of too funny to correct. thanks MA.


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    yes. i'm going to see him on may 6th. wanna go?

  2. I saw him at this outdoor venue in washington in the columbia river gorge, and it was magical. It was a strange mix of old people re-living their young love for him, frat boys getting wasted, and hippies. It was a total not-me kind of concert, but I love him so much that I couldn't resist. DO IT!

  3. i think the link to runnin down a dream is wrong (but in the best possible way!) i just had a good laugh.

  4. IIIIII'm goin dooooooown to a hooooooouse in the woooooooods

  5. fuck yeah, tom petty! seriously, go.

  6. You have to go!!!! Tom Petty is a bad ass!