I am so confused about my motorcycle. I have been talking about selling it for a long time. There is not much you guys can really do, it is just this gut thing I have to decide on my own. I am leaning toward selling it. In fact it is on cragslist and I have received two emails.* Both from girls, so that helps. (Guess it's a total chick bike.) Except in preparation I gave it a bath after work yesterday, then drove it around the neighborhood. And it was gorg out, I just wore a tshirt. That didn't help the decision making.


Important update.
I tested the waters by posting the bike for the max I thought I might be able to sell it fot, about a month ago. I didn't get any responses.** I posted it again yesterday, another test, for 200 dollars less. I got 3 emails right away. I went home at lunch today to show it to the first responder. She reminded me so much of myself 4 or so years ago when I bought it. That is a comfort, but only a llittle. I know I will be in tears if/when it goes.***

Francoise Hardy on a Honda in 1969 (the year of my bike) via The Impossible Cool

*make that three. sigh.
**unless you count the guy who offered to trade me the value in tattoos
***realizing his response was inadequate when I shared this feeling with Ben, he just texted me this "We should have a going away party for your bike." I hope he means it.


  1. do you have a regular bike? those are fun too for riding around in tshirts and gorgeous weather...more exercise, no fuel, still fun...

  2. of COURSE i have a regurlar bike. ;)
    just a diff thing.

  3. Or you could keep it.

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

    i agree w/ @mouse. you COULD keep it.

  5. You have to go with your gut.

    For me, the boy has a motorcycle but it's 3x too heavy for me to think about riding. That's doesn't work. At all.

    Want to bring yours out East? :)

  6. Oh, I was afraid you meant that bike. I vote keep it, if it matters; but if you must...

  7. Why are you thinking about getting rid of it? Money? Or are you just not using it enough to justify it?

    I won't try to sway you anyways. I am a chicken and I admit that my first reaction to anyone riding a motorcycle of any kind is a sort of a wailing "noooooooooo". Head injuries, you know. They terrify me.

    Of course, my dad rides one and would never consider giving it up, so I have to tamp down my mother hen instincts a bit.

  8. hard choice. it's hard to give up things you love but don't use that much. if you use it a lot i say keep her.

  9. can I sulk instead of work?

    that is how this is making me feel. reeeeaaalllyyy sulky. (see update.)

  10. I think you should keep it. If you're feeling sulky about it, you should probably keep it. My fiance has had some many fine cars and bikes in the past, and his thing is to buy and sell, buy and sell. He has regretted selling many things. He currently has an old Triumph bonneville and has threatened selling it, but I won't let him, because he used to take me on rides from O'side to Encinitas on it when I was falling in love with him. It sits in the garage a lot now, but he got it when he was 17...how can you possibly let that go.
    Sometimes when you can't let things go, it can be good to give it to a family member or sell it to them...that way it's always around and is passed on in the family.

  11. item a) your bike is RAD. keep it if you love it!
    item b) we must be on the same wavelength... i just posted a few days ago about francoise hardy.