A friend of mine emailed and asked for ideas on gifts for her boyfriend on the occaision of their 3 year anniversarry. His birthday just passed, and she spent a lot of money on that gift, so she is trying to keep this one on the budget side. They are both recent arch graduates, and just moved into a house together. Awww. She wanted something kind of personal, but design-ey.

Here were my favorites;

For free, I suggested she make a meaningful mix-tape (ok, cd, but that just sounds lame) and give it a cover that is, in itself, a work of art.

For money, I suggested that she make a design that would be meaningful to their relationship and have it silkscreened onto throw pillows for their couch, or make it into a poster.

And for lazy, I suggested that she buy an orb from Tend Living. (see the last picture in the previous post.) Cause they are pretty much the coolest thing ever, and it is keeping it extremely local. (Like, we are all in a square mile.) Plus she said she was coming to me since her man always digs my style, and there is little in this world I dig more than Britt's orbs.

Any other good ideas you might have?

*rad mix tape suite via studio on fire


  1. I am all about the throw pillow idea. Do men like throw pillows?

  2. My man HATES throw pillows. Hates them like I keep finding ours have been stuffed into the junk cupboard when I wasn't looking.

  3. I think Ben is indifferent about throw pillows. But the man in reference a) designer by proffession. b) i am really really sorry to use the term, but he is totally metro. it just fits here. he gets really into their house and stuff. that said, i think she is going with the poster.

    heehee. nye.

  4. what about framing a few photos of a memorable trip or moments in their life together...would be perfect to hang in their new home. i'm planning on doing something like this for my upcoming anniversary, except it's going to be for my boyfriend to have in his office.

  5. Ha ha, "little in this world I dig more than Britt's orbs"... sorry, infantile response. Think I need lunch...