I *finally* got my computer back. I was all set to post a whole slew of glorious and inspired posts, but I am not feeling it as I thought I would. So, I will start slowly with this. It is the *before* shot of our bedroom. Suddenly after years of general contenment I realized it was all wrong and that everything had to change. How the fuck did it end up looking so girly, and, shabby chic??? I am NOT shabby chic, people. And yet. I had a few pink things. (The old rusty metal medical cabinet, an old rusty metal suitcase thing used as a jewelry box, surely metal things even pink are not so girly?) Ben, when we met had the teal dresser. The sun above it was painted for me years and years ago by a dear friend. The very shabby mirror (yeah, the one with the wooden frame with chipping white paint? s.h.a.b.b.y. was picked up at a thrift store for a few bucks when our old one broke). I knew the key to a successful and dramatic change was a new dresser. It took months and months of daily craigslist diligence until I found one that we loved, that was what we wanted to spend. It is not "the perfect dresser" but it is DAMN fine, and I am pretty sure we will love it long into our lives.

So here is the plan of attack:

*hang the lampshade acquired from mom
*arrange for the nightstands that I started crafting YEARS ago to finally be completed
*curtains, have made
*repurpose furniture into other parts of the house
*deal with bedding
*paint walls
*update wall decor
*deal with the mirror situation
*new tend for the dresser top
*decide about the pink thing

Much of this has been accomplished, but you will have to wait to hear about it.


  1. uh dude I just drooled over these photos and I don't see anything shabby or girly about them. you crazy but i'm excited to see the after shots. i guess that means i need to get my ass in gear with those curtains, eh?

  2. what are you even talking about. you have *seen* that room.

    no hurry. :)

  3. Your before picture actually looks great, and just the teeniest bit shabby chic. Seriously, re-paint that frame and you'd be pretty good to go.

  4. too late rachel. it is all different now. :)