Let me tell you a few things.

1. I have been scouring San Diego for a new bedroom dresser. I check things like craigslist and local ebay OBSESSIVELY. For a while now.

2. I saw this yesterday, and I. Love. It.

3. It is much, much better in person. I couln't capture it with my camera phone, but the detailing is to die for. The drawers and corners are all fitted to be flush. The handles are rad. It has all handmade and dovetailed connections.

4. I love it.

5. It is about 3-400 dollars more than I was hoping to spend.

6. cry.


  1. Three hundred is worth it if it is wonderful and beautiful and you will love it forever.

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    If you can possible afford it, do it. It is amazing what one really good piece of furniture can do for a room! (And I love that dresser too; love the wood pattern.)

  3. you guys are killing me.

    how am i supposed to do things like buy a house and go to france if i buy this dresser?

  4. You should just do that thing where you justify the $300 by not spending as much eating out for the month or something. That piece looks worth the sacrifice.

  5. It's gorgeous. I know that's not helpful.

    Um, have you tried Salvation Army or similar? We got our credenza/dresser for $75. Not nearly this nice, of course, but it was such an amazing deal and I love it to pieces. I was in the same situation as you, drooling over Craigslist for midcentury-ish pieces I couldn't really afford.

    Plus, the manager at SA took pity on us and gave us a discount! Who knew that could happen?

  6. Dammit! I'm in no position to offer advice/opinions, since I'm looking for furniture and we haven't even found a house yet. That's totally reasonable ... right?

  7. give em a low offer. then BUY IT.

  8. i live in san diego. have you ever checked out modernhaus? she's local (la mesa), and has an ever-rotating selection of great mid-century pieces in her ebay shop. check it out.


  9. thanks jojo! i ended up finding a rad one on craigslist, but always good to have another resource....