I have always had an affinity for owls. Who doesn't. Pun was not intended. But ever since the barn owl's appearance at our wedding we have been heavy into the owl ephemera. You remember these gifts we made:

I picked these figurines up thrifting:

Then this little guy arrived in the mail from my mom. She picked up a beaded garnet necklace for me at a thrift store, and this, what appears to be a clay button, was attached to the string tying the bag the necklace was in. It belonged to the mother of a good friend of hers.

And the other night while out to dinner I noticed a beer bottle behind the bar with this little cutie on the logo. Turns out it is a japanese beer, which seemed especially serendipitous as my beer brewing dad just moved to Japan. Hmmmm.

I checked with Dad, in case you are wondering about the Japanese beer, he says;
"They make a good pale ale, Hefeweizen and an AWSOME Belgian wit, one of my favorites."


  1. I also <3 owls. They are so well designed.

    And wise.

    And they like to stay up late.

  2. Hey, I have tried this beer! We definitely bought it because the bottle was so cute.

  3. me too! i adore owls, and have two i picked up thrifting as well, and named Irving and Bernard, and also put up in a post! :)