Big Weekend: shows

Last year was kind of a bust for us, as far as shows go. We are too old and tired to venture out to see up and coming bands like we used to all the time. And all the bands I was really wanting to see kept skipping over San Diego. Poor San Diego. But! In one weekend in April we get to see both John Prine [saturday]and Calexico [friday], both at good venues. I can't wait. In the mean time....

John Prine & Iris Dement and, Calexico;

also, I have noticed that Fleet Foxes is returning from abroad, and has a show scheduled in Portland and two in San Francisco. Maybe they will keep coming down the coast? We would def go up to LA for that. [haha, through the date in SFO is 14th/15th of April. Wouldn't it just be our luck for them to play 17th/18th] On this subject, there is something that has caused a little bit of a black pit in my stomach that I should share. Because of above mentioned lazyness, we missed the Fleet Foxes [pre obsession] last summer at the Casbah, a tiny [really really really tiny] intimate, effing perfect venue. Now, of course, they have exploded and I will have to suffer in seeing them somewhere else. All mid range venues in SD pretty much suck, to be honest. I have to live with this loss everyday. It hurts.


  1. The Captain was at that show at the Casbah (I had to work, of course) and said it was one of the best shows he's seen. I hope they do come down again!

  2. I never, ever, ever want to hear you say you are too old and tired for anything, ever again. YA HEAR ME???

  3. I was afraid I would get called out on that one. What I mean to say is; because I work and go to school full time resulting in 12 hours a day 6 days a week [minimum, ususaly more] I don't get out as much as a might like these days. BUT I graduate in June. F yeah.

  4. i'm gonna get in trouble for this one:
    i caught fleet foxes on snl, and they were entirely too neil young-y for my taste.

    apologies in advance. i also apologize for all the times i said i was too old and tired.

  5. john prine, however, awesome!

  6. you *should* apologize. saying they are too neil yong-ey like that fits in with that add campaign. how would you like it if i described a band i did not like as too esb-ey? yeah. take that.

    but it's cool, i guess.