Lots of stuff about ecology, systems theory, Descartes.  This is why I love studying architecture. It can be about so much more than buildings.  Currently loving the Omnivore's Dilemma, Cradle to Cradle, and The Myth of Progress the most.

Also; need recommendations on places for awesome kids stuff.  I am going to be an aunt! [My brother in law who married us and his wife are expecting in March.] woop woop! I need modern, not too cute-sy, stylish clothes with which to shower my neice.... Without breaking the bank of course.  Suggestions? 

So far loving this bloomers/chemise set from here.


  1. Along the lines of intellectual rather than aesthetic development: I recommend these Montessori sites for purchasing wooden "toys" that build a strong mental foundation:


    There are also books about raising kids the Montessori way. I like to give those as gifts, too.


  2. I think I was laying in bed last night thinking; wouldn't it be cool to get [inspired by meg's shower of, course] baby and parenting books at a baby shower.

    perfect thank you!

  3. I've never commented here before, so first things first, hello!

    I absolutely agree with Sara, but I still think intellectualism and aesthetic do not have to be mutually exclusive...

    Anyway I get a lot of my toddler's clothes at H&M, which is still pretty mainstream but in the world of cutesy baby clothes, they have stuff that's still very modern and stylish and a little edgy.

    Also, since I know you live in SoCal I wanted to add that Larchmont Boulevard in LA is really THE greatest place I've seen for the design-conscious parent (or aunt!) who does not take herself too seriously... There are at least 4 or 5 kids clothing shops on the same block that offer things you just don't find elsewhere... A little more expensive than H&M, but still affordable and more unique.

  4. congrats on being an aunt! I too was looking for some interesting, modern, simple baby/children's clothing, so i started sewing my own stuff. you can check me out at my etsy site, www.finleystudio.etsy.com! i love your blog, and would love to help you create something special for your new niece!