Kind of anti-climatic for a 100th post, huh? I will have to add a cute image to make it worth while. This is a solicitation. A classmate of mine is looking for people who grew up in a culture other than "American" or a country other than the United States. He needs people to fill out a survey for the research he is conducting for his undergraduate architecture thesis.

It is brief, about 5 questions. Relating to residential family life- and the use of spaces in the home, I think.

If you have a minute and fit the qualifications drop me a line at desertfete@gmail.com and I will email you the survey. Thanks!

And now for the cute image, manray & emmylou. he [the cat] is hopelessly in love with her. [the dog.] She tolerates him:


  1. Oh lord, they're gorgeous. I wish we had some inter-species relationships among our pets, they fascinate me. But the rabbits and the fish just can't find any common ground.

  2. Oh, and I'll do your friend's survey (the UK counts as 'not America' right? Sometimes it's not easy to tell.)

    peonies at btinternet dot com

  3. I'm with Peony, does Australia count as not American? Sometimes even I don't know. You can't buy cereal with marshmallow though, so it definitely can't be America...

    allthatyouhaveisyoursoul at gmail dot com

  4. I needed this little explosion of cuteness. I really, really did. Thank you.

    Welcome back! Send me your friend's survey. whatpossessedme@gmail.com


  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    so good to have you back. what a sweet picture. wish my dog got along with cats!

  6. That's a fantastic picture.

    I mostly grew up in the States, but I've spent tons of time in Brasil as well as a semester in Costa Rica. If you're running short on surveys, feel free to shoot me one: kristythecoffeegirl at gmail dot com.

  7. Anonymous6:02 AM

    I'm happy to fill in your mate's survey if he is still needs people and if Australia is un-American enough

    westaussiewedding at gmail dot com

  8. you art-directed your pets. <3