Yay! More DIY printing projects. There were many people that were amazingly helpful and intrinsic in pulling off our wedding. These were our very close friends and family who made it possible for us to have an almost totally DIY affair. We wanted to give each of these people special gifts in thank you for their help. Every time we tried brainstorming on gifts we got really hung up on the costs. After all, everyone was so happy to help because they were happy to know they were helping us save money. It hardly made sense to us that we should spend money in order to thank them. Also, we were hoping for something that would be a meaningful reminder of our wedding and an enjoyable [read; not thrown away in 6 months] gift. After assessing our skills and thinking about what everyone might like we came up with these....

I think this is our best Gocco print yet. That is a Joshua Tree there [of course cause our wedding was in Joshua Tree.] I told you about the Barn Owl who watched over our ceremony? that is him there. [Yes, we know owls don't really perch on Joshua Trees, but we don't care.] The sun is setting in the background [our ceremony happened at sunset] and those little red bits on the ground are the rose petals that our friends thoughtfully scattered alond the aisle. [The rose petals were re-purposed from the ones that were plucked off the floral arrangements cause they were a little old.]

I used these little gift bags we had laying around. [we made brown sacks with our initials to hold tea lights to light the ground at the wedding reception and had a bunch left over, so I printed to and from tags onto the extras to make these cuties.]

Another project on deck is general thank you cards. We kept it simple and used chipboard cut into postcards that we had on hand, slipping a copy of our favorite polaroid into it. We hand-wrote our names, the date and joshua tree, and a thank you note on back.

print in it's frame and at home with some pottery and a little succulent.


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    What a brilliant idea! The print is fantastic. You guys should seriously think about creating prints to sell because this one is really beautiful. The packaging, the print, the polaroid...everything is perfect. I just got a gocco and am excited to use it, but I have to admit I don't think I'll be nearly as talented with it as you are...

  2. omg. you guys are crazy-motivated. everything turned out so cool!

    and nicely done with the multi-screen gocco print! it's amazing! your guests are going to love the little piece of art you're giving.

  3. You are a Gocco goddess and you inspire me to really start some projects! Did you learn for the wedding, or were you already experienced before?
    That print is so lovely.

  4. So. Perfect.

    I might just have to steal the idea for polaroid frames from you...

  5. These are beautiful, I love them!

  6. Thanks y'all!

    Emily: I would *love* to have enough designs to open a little etsy shop one day... [or maybe custom invites...?]

    Rachel: I did get the Gocco for the invites. And have had ALOT of practice [read: screw ups] since

  7. Anonymous2:58 PM

    i love these a lot! such a sweet idea! :)

  8. these are unbelievable - you did such an amazing job!