When we came home from the desert, in a brand spanking new 2010, there was a little package waiting for us. Inside, a letter, here is an excerpt....

"For your love of coffee and sense of style... My true intention, for you're probably thinking I'm just a terrible procrastinator, was to prolong your wedding celebrations, figuring they're not complete until the last gift is in."

A wedding gift! From a dear and sweet friend. And he is right, don't you think? It was so fun and special to be receiving a wedding gift, and reinvigorated our joy in having wed. The gift is the most gorgeous old coffee percolator. See how rad?

A couple of friends came over for brunch on Sunday, so it was the prefect occasion to finally [re]christen the percolator. The coffee was good.

See the little cup in the mess up there? The porcelain cup sits in the little winged steel holder. Doesn't it look fast? Very deco/streamline modern. You think it is that old? I can't tell. (pls ignore the heart with my name that might have been placed on mine and each guests plate. I *may* have gone overboard, but in the campy, platonic sense.)

Also, we broke open the jam [we made waffles!] and it was good.


  1. your coffee-gifts are dead sexy; very deco indeed (and hooray for jam!).

  2. Beautiful percolator. My mother and I have regular conversations about how you can't beat percolator coffee, and her ongoing quest for a good electric one.

    And that cup in its holder is to die for. I love it.

  3. It is gorgeous! And I think it's so funny because there are clearly percolator vs. non-percolator coffee camps. Because my parents were horrified when I mentioned that I was thinking of getting a percolator and they promptly ran out and found the nicest, fanciest vacuum coffee maker they could, just to save us from percolated coffee. But I know tons of people who swear by it!

  4. it's gorg. but I'm a die hard Bialetti stove-top espresso maker myself. DIE HARD.

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    lovely. i REALLY like the little cup in the steel holder.