I was asked to assist Lorenzo in constructing a pinewood derby car. Awesome. Though my first thought was, I don't know how to teach a second grader how to use a jig saw!!! My safety skills are NOT up to par. But I moved passed that and started some research, and found that I am in big time "father-son" territory. Seriously. You would think only fathers and sons can make derby cars. So, I am happy to help set an example of a non traditional role model. And I can't wait to see what he comes up with. The kid is sharp as a whip, and very design savvy. He regularly integrates diagrams into his artwork (!!!) , and according to his mom he already has some design ideas. Fun!
Speaking of diagrams, if you haven't seen the little one I made for the 2010 swap check it out here!


  1. Love your swap diagram!

    Also glad that you are able to be an excellent non-traditional role model. I have a (healthy) aversion to power tools of any kind, the direct result of growing up with not one, but two fathers who do woodworking. I can't tell you how many emergency room runs I've been on. It's not even an exciting incident in my family. I once got a phone call from my mom that started out with a long sigh and then she asked how close I was to home because Dave needed to be taken to the emergency room to be stitched up and she had been just about to take a nap so would I mind running him over?

    Um, not that you will have this problem. I think that people who have been woodworking for too many years tend to get a bit lax about safety precautions. D uses this stuff all the time and has never so much as nicked a finger.

  2. i need a flight map in my life.

  3. YIKES, Rachel. My dad's been working with power tools a long time and he's never had a trip to the emergency room (knock on wood). But my uncle does have a little scar on his lip where he got kicked in the face with a chain saw.

    Jamie, you did mean JIG saw, right? Maybe you better tell the little guy some scary power tool stories so he'll be really careful.

  4. of course i meant jig saw. what the fuck is a jug saw?

    all the editor types who read this blog (i know there are at least a few of you) must cringe in pain. sorry.

    yeah, i worked as an assistant in the wood shop for a bit. there were def the guys who let comfort translate into carelessness. but also a number who, like esb's dad didn't let that happen.

    anyways maybe we will saw by hand?

  5. a. a jug saw is something i need.

    b. where the hell were you when i had to build a rocket in the 11th grade?

  6. a jug-saw is what you experienced when espying a tavern or whiskey still in a rural area, as in "we musta had like a dozen jug-saws when drove across tennessee, but we weren't brave enough to stop in and get a drink."

    but more importantly, your winged map is the bomb, and i think you should make it into beautiful prints, because i would buy one. jamie, you have sick skills! indesign?