The high Desert was magical, of course.

I got my bulb wrapped antlers, after all.

Ben strummed his guitar, I learned just how much I love shooting BB guns. (At cans, boots, and pine cones, of course)

I really loved it.

Nerdy boys made electronic music late into the night. Aided by more antlers.

Going out was forsaken in favor of LOTR Trivial Pursuit. 2 NIGHTS IN A ROW. (We won the second night, thankyouverymuch.)

I gathered sticks, as usual.

Ben carried them, as usual.

We hiked the desert.

We layed around in the desert.

And most importantly we schemed and dreamed about pooling together to buy a plot of high desert land. Preferably, rocky bouldery land.


  1. a marvelous scheme!

  2. This makes me really want to visit the desert. And buy LOTR Trivial Pursuit...

  3. Oh, so beautiful! I miss those boulders. Must plan a trip to the desert very soon.

  4. for some reason when i read your desert posts, i have this intense desire to become "outdoorsy".

  5. C, we are not even outdoorsy.

    We just play like we are sometimes.

  6. 1. Your haircut is cute.

    2. So glad you got your antlers!

    3. You even found a stick that LOOKS like antlers. :)

  7. buffy & lotr? you are full of surprises, lady.

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    ok, for serious. every time you post desert pics, i get super jealous... sigh. i wanna go!!

  9. ooohh, we've been wanting to buy desert land for a while now. I want to place a yurt on it.

  10. I love your little antler stick. And yeah, you make me come over all outdoorsy too. Weird.

  11. i like this very much. i am jealous. i like your photos.

  12. sara- this was just our plan. a yurt. until we could afford to build fabulous little of the grid modern homes, of course.

    naurnie- pffffft i am so jealous about YOU and THE SOUTH. I want to go NOW. and maybe live there. i even asked ben the other day if we could move to nashville. though i have never been there.

  13. This is Olivia, I emailed you about getting married in J Tree :) We're going to do it!

    I love this.

    I found another J Tree wedding pair who bought a home there. I wonder if we're all destined too.

  14. Olivia... Awesome!
    You have to tell us all about it, K???

  15. I just discovered your blog! Like you, my husband and I lived in the city and fell in love with the high desert. Then we chucked the good jobs, sold the city house and moved out here 5 years ago. Great people beautiful surroundings and can at times be very challenging! It's a different, kooky, fun, crazy adventure.

  16. Jill, livin the dream. Rad!!!