Thanks everyone, for your input. In the end I could not deny that jewelry was the way to go for a mother's 60th birthday. I narrowed the options down, and gave Ben final say (it is his mom, after all). He really liked the scosha (thanks esb!) peice below (don't we all*) dainty, but hip & edgy**. And the oxidized silver will appeal to her rustic aesthetic, we hope.

And they were kind enough to handstamp the date of her birthday at no extra charge. Lovely.

We hit the road tomorrow morning, so see ya'll next week.

*I would like to order a bracelet for each of the women in my family from scosha. this little sale number has my 16 year old sister's name written ALL over it.

**Maybe the edgy/hippness of it will set it apart from the jewelry she usually receives as a gift?


  1. christ - it's even lovelier in your photo, and the stamp looks PERFECT. very well done! (have a wonderful trip!)

  2. that's beautiful, and the stamp gives it that personal touch. cool.

  3. this is lovely! curiously, i discovered your blog while also looking for something for my moms 60th, which is on feb 24th. (not search terms literally, i got here from some random rabbit hole probably starting with ESB?)

  4. It's completely wonderful.

    Travel well!