Venue that we didn't chose, chapter IV

I know, right.  Lots of venues we didn't choose.  But I promise I am almost to the one we did choose.   It came down to deciding between 2 in fact, our current desert location and this, a world away from it....


Ray Street Studios is a 5 minute walk from our house. Literally.  It is a GORGEOUS two story loft warehouse generally used as a professional photography/film studio.  It has a very cool, very clean modern and urban aesthetic.  We toured it and loved it.  It was just big enough for our small-ish wedding.  It was in walking distance of our house! It appealed to the architect in me.  It had all the a/v equipment our hearts could have desired included. It had a ping pong table.  Ben loved that. Really, there was nothing wrong with it. We just decided in the end that the Joshua Tree gig was a little more soulful for us.  But this place would have been awesome too. [oh, and in retrospect; I knew planning an outdoor wedding with pretty much no vendors 2.5 hours away from home while working and going to school full time might be more costly and time consuming than planning one in an indoor location a few minutes from our home, but I underestimated just how much more consuming it would be.  Just sayin.]

The Plan here would have been to have the ceremony at the nearby [like, 3 block] small field park that overlooks a canyon, downtown, and the bay... Not bad...

All images from ray street studios.





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