Ok. Two weeks was yesterday. But yesterday I required a little technology cut off. In celebration of the countdown I want to share my inspiration board. I kind of love it.

I don't think it is a typical inspiration board. Using images from other peoples weddings didn't quite appeal to me. I think this has to do with a lot of the process I use in architecture school. When collecting inspiration for the conceptual design of architectural things I don't look towards other buildings, but instead to nature, art, color, cultures, places... you get the idea. Then the fun is finding a way to translate that into your design, without it being too hokey or applied, if that makes sense.

The things here include pictures of us, little prints made both by us and other people, cositas I have been collecting, my own jewelry, a picture of gram parsons, random wedding planning ephemera....


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    how exciting! it is only 2 weeks away!! your inspiration board is lovely...

  2. Um, awesome. Is Ben gonna wear a Nudie suit? Pretty please?

  3. Uh, you are awesome.

    Ben kept joking about wearing a Nudie suit.

    Then when I saw my dress, with it's floral embroidery and rhinestone embellishments, I knew that was it. It is like a soft feminine bride-ey version of a nudie suit.

    There is a healthy dose of gram parson and gram parson inspired music in the dinner playlist.

  4. We are huge fans. I kind of wanted his version of Wild Horses (which I happen to believe he wrote, hellooo The Flying Burrito Brothers recorded it first) for our first dance, but it is a tad melancholy...

  5. Holy cr*p dude. This is what happens when I work too much (which is always) I miss out on all the cool kid blogs. This board is out of this world. CRAZY cool.