bridal showers... wedding showers... engagement parites....

The list goes on and on. Ben left and I decided early to forgo most of the seemingly requisite pre-wedding festivities. Not cause we don't love a party [in our honor no less] but we hate the pressure often placed on friends and families by these events. Mostly we are concerned with the time and money spent on- travel, gifts, and the throwing. Especially the gifts. Why have a shower when people already, quite generously, usually bring gifts to the wedding? Then one of his oldest friends convinced us in to letting her throw us an engagement party. And it was lovely. Everyone had a great time. My sister just happened to be in town the weekend of the party- and Ben's Mom and brother both flew in. [though we really emphasized that while we always love to see them. It was not necessary]

[does anyone want one to come to Joshua Tree to style my hair like this in 2 weeks???]

Now, 2 weeks and 1 day [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] from our wedding, I find myself having to decide wether or not to let two close friends [we do not have a bridal party] throw me some version of a shower 1 week [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] before the wedding. I might be more excited with the prospect if all of my favorite female people [moms, sister, soon to be sister in law, long time friends] were in town, but most of them are not.

Sigh. I just don't know. Any thoughts????

Though, these nostalgic pictures sure help. Such a sucker for anything vintage!

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  1. this might be a bit late, but if someone wants to throw you a party... graciously give in, i say! x