I am still fighting with my hair. Something you my have noticed if we've crossed paths lately. But there are some good days, and I am trying to hold out a little longer, before giving in and cutting it. I realized today that it might be long enough for some sort of braid! A trend I have been a little sad to miss out on, plus it would help with those bad days. Trouble is I have NO idea what I am doing, and people offering tutorials for short hair braids seem to be confusing short with medium. So. Who wants to come over and braid my hair? photo by Lisa Warninger, Urban Weeds


  1. i do! i can't do ANYTHING with hair. but i can definitely braid.

  2. your hair always looks good when i see you.

  3. I feel your pain! I'm dreadful at anything hair & beauty related. That's what I get for spending the first 15 years of my life as a tomboy! haha.
    If you do figure out the trick to braiding short hair, let me know! :D