I have been spending the last few days anxiously preparing for four days that will include over 20 hours of travel and over 20 hours of work, 2 states and 2 weddings, and three days away from my favorite guys.

But now that all of the preparations are nearly done, I am hoping to put the anxiety aside and enjoy this last (warm) evening with my boys, and get completely pumped that we have been chosen to photograph weddings in these two crazy stunning locations.

So, so, so thankful!

The boys will be meeting me at location #2 where we will spend the rest of the week relaxing, so I will see you around later!


  1. Jamie - Have a wonderful time and congratulations!

  2. wow! congrats on these awesome jobs, what a dream!

  3. congrats! can't wait to see them.

  4. Holy shit. Scotland doesn't look like that.

    Have the most wonderful time. xx